Hey Readers! (all 5 of you) I thought it would be the best time, as it is World Ocean Day, to harp about the current state of understanding among our species as to what seems to be occurring in the minds of many.  We are living in a time of sheer chaos, and it seems to be getting crazier by the day (I have yet to watch Ex- FBI Director James Comey’s testimony, but I can only imagine that it will add to the craziness).  I DO NOT want this to be a political post, although many of you view nearly everything you see through a political filter so feel free to label it whatever the fuck you want.  I am terrified for the future of humanity, in terms of the track we are currently on.  We have enormous social and economic revolutions that are breathing down our necks by way of Artificial Intelligence, Neurological Integration, Space Travel, as well as potential crises in our consumption systems such as clean water and sustainability in our food production.  Most of them look to be inevitable.  All of them require the very best of human capabilities, from both a moral and intellectual standpoint; which is the opposite of what is happening right now.  I hope to god that it is growing pains, but I fear that it is something darker.

We have evolved industrially, in our social structures, in our knowledge of what is possible, in nearly every way, but many of us, with our refined clothing and newest technological devices, remain savages.  Our heads are up our own asses, to say the least. It is to no ones fault, our fear is as old as life itself.  It’s not your parents fault, or teachers fault, or presidents fault, they are chasing the same thing as you are, which is personal satisfaction.  We are either running from our fears or confronting them, but trust me if your thinking short term it is far easier to run.  It seems to me that Donald Trump’s biggest fear is to be nobody, forgotten, and god damnit if I can’t say that I’ve felt the exact same fear.  He has run all the way into the White House running from a ghost that doesn’t exist, and it’s pretty obvious to me that he has no idea what the next move is.

Disregard our advanced tools and we are still moral infants, either unable or unwilling to grasp the bigger picture.  We go on and on and on about “Is climate change happening?” … “Yes but it’s just changing on its own and we have nothing to do with it” … “Climate change is a hoax set up by the government to control our industries” … “Climate change is happening and we are the leading cause” … What I see here is the result of a poor education system, at the very least the part of it that should be teaching us how to synthesize and comprehend scientific data.  A system that teaches how to build and analyze, but doesn’t even hint at a bigger picture, nor does it encourage or reward you when you try to find it. I see people who simply don’t understand the implications of what it means to reach a ‘scientific conclusion’ or simply the purpose of science itself.  There are many people out there, voters in our “democracy,” that think a scientific conclusion is an opinion that a collection of people with PhDs sat around and hatched.  The scientific method is the single greatest technology that we humans have invented.  There is no science without the method and it is sacred if we wish to know the truth about the processes of our universe.  It is the only way to pop the hood of the universe and really know what we are observing independent of our conditioning.  That is the magic that invites people to become scientists in the first place.  Yes, there are shitty humans with degrees who skew data for their own profit who call themselves scientists, but scientists they are not. Give people power, and corruption will naturally flow.  There is no stopping this. But to think that these people become scientists to get rich, is ridiculous; they are captivated by the magic of knowing what is happening independent of themselves.  The scientific method is like a divination tool, but when used correctly is absolutely bulletproof.

There seems to be no more belief that there is something out there that is real and true and happening, and it doesn’t give a fuck whether you believe in it or not. THE GREAT BARRIER REEF IS DEAD and it doesn’t care who you ‘believe’ the murderer is.  The scientific method has proven to us that it was the acidification due to rising ocean temperatures.  It wasn’t a ghost, it didn’t commit suicide.  It is a casualty of the evident process that is taking place as we continue to debate it, and in the prison of ignorance there are many more of our beautiful natural wonders sitting death row awaiting lethal injection.

The climate is changing, and we are doing a damned good job at helping speed it up.  The mental gymnastics performed by some to deny that fact simply astounds me, but I do get it.  The denial of what is happening is, for now, ironically convenient for the denier.  Just refuse to believe it and, poof! No anxiety… no worries… “I’ve seen people talking doom and gloom for decades now, twenty years ago they said we were heading for an Ice Age!” Now, as I get down off of my high horse I want to say that first and foremost I am not a scientist, but I wish I paid more attention in science class so that I could do better justice to some of these ideas.  Climate changing or not, all I want to see is more of a willingness to know truth outside of ones beliefs and fears.  I am not saying that the scientific community is totally innocent either, they have stolen some moves out of the playbook of most religions if you ask me.  But for the most part, they seem to follow behind the Method wherever it takes them, which is always truth of some kind.  I want to see people love this planet, climate changing or not.  After all, to care about the planet just because of climate change is both pretentious and desperate.  Pretentious because you go to bed at night literally thinking you’re saving the world, and desperate because its like you’re only being a good boyfriend because your girlfriend just threatened to break up with you for real this time.

How about we love this place because its the ONLY reason you have ever laughed, it’s the only reason you’ve ever been able to grab anything by the pussy, its the only reason that you get to surf, its the only reason you’ve been able to have dreams and go for them, it’s the only reason you’ve fallen in love, its the only reason that you have friends and a family, it’s the only reason you get to be anything, and it gives you all of these things without asking anything in return.  I can’t speak for anyone else but myself, but I’m gonna love the shit out of this beautiful fucking planet for as long as it lets me breathe. I’m done.




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